Moving more outdoors

Moving more outdoors

If you feel comfortable leaving the house for exercise, the outdoors provides more than a bit of fresh air – it provides a huge variety of ways to get moving, and a great change of scene at the current time.

For many people, walking, running, and jogging are the first outdoor activities to spring to mind. All can be done at times that suit you best, and at your own pace – while still keeping a safe 1.5-2 metre distance between yourself and others.

Some people like the headspace provided by getting out for a jog on their own, like Krisina. Others prefer running with the people they live with, like Julie and Peter, who find that it keeps them active while they are unable to run with their running group. In either case, you can start slow and build up over time.

Local parks can be great spaces for moving more outdoors, with green space and walking paths to safely enjoy fresh air and take a break from staying in or working at home.

Walking is another great way to enjoy being outside while moving more. It’s an activity that you can scale up or scale down, depending on how you’re feeling day to day. Simone tries to get her steps in, but makes sure she’s doing so in a way that suits her. Whether it’s a ten minute stroll around the block or a walk to the corner shop, it all counts.