Home Games

This year, we launched the Home Games, a virtual event and training schedule modelled on a decathlon, with new fun and active games for people living with long term health conditions to take part in each week. Led by decorated Paralympians Dame Sarah Storey and Lauren Rowles MBE, two teams were taken through 10 weeks of training, culminating in a fun head to head competition, where participants could see how far they had come.

  • Getting active in a way that works for you

    You don't have to push yourself to the limit. Finding a level of exercise that is comfortable and enjoyable, whilst catering to your level of fitness will be really beneficial, both mentally and physically.

  • Activities that can be done anywhere, anytime

    Everyday activities such as putting the washing in the basket or standing up from your seat can get you moving! Turn sorting the washing out into a game of laundry basketball, or challenge yourself to stand up and sit down a few times - small amounts of activity can be easily fitted into your day.

  • No need for fancy equipment

    It is easy to get active with any generic household objects that you may find around your home. So raid your kitchen store cupboards, overflowing wardrobes or garden sheds - anything can be used to create a fun activity!

  • Get motivated by getting active with others

    Being part of a community or getting active with someone else is both motivating and fun. Help each other reach your goals and support each other along the way.

Get Inspired
  • Dame Sarah Storey

    Britain's most successful female Paralympian and Home Games team captain

    I was so proud to be asked to be a part of The Home Games, meeting the team members and watching them grow in confidence and ability over the 10 weeks was inspiring. It shows that you don’t need gym equipment to get moving, some tins of beans or a chair can create a workout that is both active and fun.

  • Lauren Rowles MBE

    Gold medallist Paralympian and Home Games team captain

    ‘The Home Games brought people from across the country together and showed how anyone can find an activity that suits them and their condition. What brought everyone so much joy, was seeing them all come together as a team and form lasting connections through the Games, but also the way they also supported each other through the challenges they face in their personal lives.

Get inspired

See how others used got involved in some fun activity at home, using household items and a bit of creativity. Use #WeAreUndefeatable to show us your own Home Games!

Set up your own Home Games team

You don’t need a Paralympian to host your own Home Games! Here are some hint and tips to start your own training programme with loved ones:

  • Ask your friends and family if they’d like to get involved and find a regular time to catch up online and get active together
  • Grab some common household items to make a game out of - for example you could use a rolled up pair of socks and a laundry basket, or a pillow from the sofa to turn into a javelin
  • Draw up some simple goals for people to aim for i.e. amount of baskets scored or distance to throw
  • Train together and share your enjoyment
  • Arrange a time to split into two teams and challenge each other online to beat the other
  • But most of all make sure you have fun!

Getting Active at Home

For activities you can do in the comfort of your home, head to the We Are Undefeatable YouTube channel. We've put together different playlists of easy to follow video tutorials, allowing you to try new ways to move or otherwise engage in activities that are easy to try in the home. There are plenty of different videos available, from relaxing movement to energising activities, at a range of levels, from beginner to high. Most activities also include a chair variation so you can do whatever works best for you.

Head to our Ways to Move page for more ideas of digital tools that can help you get active at home, and plenty of activity inspiration so you can find something that works for you.

Get Moving With Others

You may find it more motivating to get moving with other people. Click the links below to find a group that works for you.

Team Undefeatable

In 2020, We Are Undefeatable brought together a virtual walking football and virtual dance team, to form Team Undefeatable. The teams, made up of people living with long term health conditions, met up once a week virtually to learn new skills, building a community that supports and inspires each other.

Team Undefeatable