Building activity into your routine

Building activity into your routine

Getting active doesn’t need to be about doing traditional exercises. It can just be about doing things that fit into your daily routine, as and when you can.

Every way you get moving genuinely matters. Things like taking the stairs at home, walking to and from the supermarket, or taking your dog out for a stroll around the block all add up. And even little things you can do around the house still count, like getting on your feet during a TV ad break or stretching while making a cup of tea.

On the days you feel up to it, making these sorts of little changes to how you move about can make a big impact in the long term. Tools like the Active 10 app can help you track how much brisk walking you've integrated into your routine; you can find a link in the relevant resources section.

There might be other ways that being active can fit into your day to day routine, especially as we are spending more time at home. Many people find that being active fits naturally into spending time with those that they live with – such as family, housemates, and pets – and helps with keeping motivated. Jo has found that walking her dog Elsie is something she genuinely enjoys doing. She also finds that Elsie provides a natural motivation to leave the house and get moving, even on her not-so-good days.

Using your at-home routine as a starting point for being active can be a great way to ensure what you do doesn’t feel inconvenient. Finding little ways you can move more around your home can allow you to go about your day pretty much as usual – while still feeling the benefits of moving more. You could turn the TV ad break into a chance to do some seated exercises from the couch, for instance, or do a bit of stretching while you wait for the kettle to boil.