Being active together

Being active together

Moving more doesn’t have to be a solo affair, even while we’re spending more time at home. There are a number of ways to get active while safely staying connected, including activities with your family, remote workouts with friends, and even classes online.

Being active with others has social and mental health benefits, and some people simply find it more fun. Just bear in mind, that at the moment, you can only be active with members of your household or one other person, providing you are not at higher risk or considered extremely vulnerable. For more information on staying safe when meeting others outdoors check out our COVID-19 FAQs.

Mohan lives with his daughter and granddaughter and they do gardening together to keep active. Tania has found that her daughter has helped her enjoy being active, whether they’re dancing around to songs they love or getting competitive playing the Wii® at home. Simone finds that going on walks with her partner makes them more enjoyable, as they’re doing something together.

Exercising over a video call is another great way to stay active with others, but remotely – so you get all the benefits of moving and being connected to other people, while still practising social distancing and protecting your health. And there’s no restriction on who you can get active with online – you can get moving with friends, family that don’t live with you, and even your work colleagues.

There are online classes and other group-based activities across England that you may be able to virtually join via your phone, laptop or tablet. Depending on the type of class or activity, some of these may be free, low cost and/or aimed at people starting out. Ask friends and family for recommendations about activities you could try to see if there’s something right for you.

In some instances, there may be an online group or class set up specifically to support people with your condition. These sorts of online environments can provide chances to move in addition to meeting people with similar experiences to you. Visit one of our charity websites by clicking the relevant logo at the bottom of this page to find a community relevant for you.