Mohan's Story

Mohan's Story

I’m still on my own two feet.

Mohan was diagnosed with dementia seven years ago. He’s fully mobile and still cracks jokes with family members like he used to, but his memory is not what it once was. As he says, he’s “still on his own two feet,” though, which he attributes to walking and staying active even while getting older. His family do everything they can to make sure he is happy and healthy, supporting him and helping him.

Please note that the stories, experiences, and activities depicted here were all captured prior to COVID-19. To ensure your safety, please follow the latest government ‘Stay At Home’ guidance related to COVID-19 and being active.

Cause you always say, I’m still on my own two feet. I took about a year of trying to convince him to go and see the GP. I mean his consultant was amazing. He could just tell by the scan that it was mild Alzheimer’s and he’s done really well. 7 years later, he still recognises us and he’s mobile, he walks you know, so that’s all good. We thought that when he stopped doing crosswords, that that was it now. But my daughter, she persevered with him, and at first he was like no I’ve forgotten it, I can’t do it, and no she persevered and over about 3-4 months he gradually got back into crosswords. And Pramila bought you a present at Christmas, didn’t she? It’s got all kinds of lions and tigers. That’s a 200 piece puzzle that is that you do between you. It’s good isn’t it? [SINGING]. He loves to help out, it’s very important for to him to be useful. So he loves, he even will pick up a dustpan or the hoover and he’ll move the chairs while were hoovering, and he loves to go outdoors, loves gardening, watering, brushing. There are different things that will start to fail, but it’s very important to keep active, to keep his heart working. He does this fabulous class, FABS, Flexibility, aerobics, balance, stretching, and it’s a small class which he likes and it’s run by Laura, who is so patient with him, she’s so friendly. No matter how well you do or don’t do, she’s always very pleased with you and you know he responds to that. I think it’s great for him to get out of the house, its great to be in a small group, he’s not good with big groups, and interacting with other people. He also loves it when they’re joking and laughing. It’s got to be enjoyable. Some people are aware they have dementia, and some people are in denial, and the ones who are aware of it, having done something that they’ve enjoyed makes them feel good. Even if they get out of breath, its definitely going to make the last few years of the evening of their life, something that they’ve enjoyed.

How Mohan Gets Moving

Mohan stays active with the help of his family. His daughter and granddaughter spend time with him around the house and take him to exercise classes, which he really enjoys. Part of what he likes about his classes is the joking around involved in the games and exercises, making moving more something he looks forward to.

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